Kitsune Witch

A female Kitsune

The Kitsune are a rare, magical race seen only in the farthest parts of the Eastern Kingdoms and the city of Trinity Reach. 

The Kitsune are an extremely ancient race, although most of their history has been lost to time. They are common magic users, and have recently begun to be known as great engineers and innovators.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Kitsune have a very humanoid appearance, but have several psychical additions that set them apart from most species. Mainly, Kitsune have anywhere between one to nine tails, a reflection of their magical ability. They also have feline ears. A fully grown Kitsune can be anywhere between 150 - 200 units in height. 

The Kitsune usually have very dark or very light coloured hair, with black  usually being the most common, and their eyes can come in any shade. 

Anatomically, Kitsune have stronger bones, but weaker lungs and smaller veins. Kitsune heal slower than humans, and wounds that draw blood typically lead to infection. 

Culture & SocietyEdit


Kitsune are renowned for being some of the strongest magical users in the world. The Kitsune are able to perform every type of magica, a trait only mirrored by Valkryies. Kitsune are also common users of Thaum and Alchemy. 


Kitsune are one of the most rare races in the world. While they are thought to have numbered in the hundreds of thousands at one point in time, their numbers have been reduced to a few thousand. Most of these Kitsune live in the city of Trinity Reach, or live in small isolated communities around the world. 




  • The Japanese Kitsune
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